What's Up Bolivia

Brand, Website and Editorial Design

Brand Design


What’s Up Bolivia is a product of Bang Bang Media. it is an online magazine targeting bolivians in USA, trying to inform them of what is going on in their country as well with bolivians who are around the world.

What We Did

We were responsible for creating the brand identity. The idea was to create a logo that speaks to bolivians. That’s why we decided to incorporate a text bubble into the design using bolivians most characteristic colors. In the letters you can appreciate the shapes of "aguayo" which is a traditional embroidery used in most bolivian clothes.


The result is a young, hip and colorful logo that connects with young, adults and elder bolivians around the world.

Website Design

What We Did

We created a user friendly website, so people can easily navigate and find the things that interest them the most. Showcasing the most important news.


The result is a minimalistic website, easy to navigate and find the information needed.

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

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